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Upcoming Community Workshops & Retreats*

Teen/College SoulCollage® – For Young Women

Pleasant EventsPasadena, CA
Saturday, July 13
1:00 – 5:00pm

Ages 15 – 22
In partnership with the Institute for Girls’ Development & Your Life Flow

Craft your own SoulCollage® deck of cards and open up to being guided by your own wisdom! Connect to– or discover!–your inner artist in this judgment-free zone. Register now

SoulCollage Hawaii!

Hawaii 300 tall

Kauai, HI
August 2013 (date & time to be announced)
Women and Emerging Adults

Craft SoulCollage cards and receive their wisdom on Hawaii’s Garden Island! Gather inspiration from the spirit of Aloha…the tropical flora, fresh food, exotic reefs and, yes– the roosters!

SoulFull will offer a series of Hawaii workshops this August— if interested, please contact us with your favorable dates.  We are also available for private parties and workshops/retreats on other Hawaiian islands.

Upcoming Professional Workshops*

Tending the Therapist’s Soul: An afternoon retreat with SoulCollage®

Hearing My Own SongPasadena, CA
In partnership with the Institute for Girls’ Development

Most of us are able to be healers because we ourselves have walked painful paths, and we know the journey to wholeness intimately. Here we sense the archetype of the Wounded Healer, who tends his own soul’s wounds through necessity, and through tending his own wound, learns how to heal.

As therapists, we spend much of our time listening to what others’ authentic voices are saying. We need to carve out spaces to put down everything that occupies us on a day-to-day basis and touch into our wounds— the needs of our souls— because within every wound lies a genius. Join us to listen to what your own soul wants to say!

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What people are saying…

“I recently attended Joy Malek’s SoulCollage workshop for therapists. If I could offer a pictorial image as a review and testimonial, it would be one of me with my mouth hanging wide open and a thought cloud of the word, ‘Wow.’ I knew Joy, so I was fully prepared for the work to be soulful and insightful. However, I did not expect it to provide such a clear roadmap to my next steps in my journey as a therapist. Wow.”   — Suzannah, Los Angeles, CA

“The SoulCollage Workshop was a wonderful adventure. I look at the cards I created there every day and am reminded of the many surprising facets of my life.  Joy, you are a perceptive facilitator and I thank you for your humor and spirit.”  — Georgia, Pasadena, CA

“Thanks for such a truly wonderful workshop.  More than anything I felt that deep reminder of the wise and loving source that constantly abides, never abandons, and absolutely loves us just as we are…offering everything we need.  With deep gratitude for creating and facilitating a wonderful experience.” — Letta, Los Angeles, CA

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*Workshops and retreats are not psychotherapy

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