Self-Acceptance Guided Meditation

August 25, 2016

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to feel anything but criticism and judgment toward myself.”

“My friends tell me that I’m kind and compassionate; why can’t I be that way toward myself?”

“When I hear about self-acceptance my mind agrees, but my heart just can’t get there.”

“I can feel ok about myself until I mess up; then I just fall down the rabbit hole of shame and self-judgment.”

“I can be loving and accepting toward others, but it just doesn’t click when it’s about myself.”

If this sounds familiar, you are so not alone. Some of the most empathic, caring people in this world struggle to give themselves even a shred of self-acceptance. It took me a long time to embrace myself as a whole person– imperfections included.

And I’m still learning!

But my relationship with myself today looks radically different. Self-judgment can still accost me (though not as often!), but now I know how to walk the well-worn path into compassionate understanding toward myself.

And there, I remember that to be human— messy, faltering, and unsure– is a wild and precious thing.

And most of all, I remember that the way through is to tend my moments of shame and confusion with the kind of love that caresses away the fear.

I’ve created this guided meditation with you in mind, walking you step-by-step into an experience of self-acceptance. Of your own empathy, turned toward you.

If this isn’t your first time checking out a meditation, blog post, book, video, or practice in the search for self-acceptance, it can feel risky to even try.

Because I know how heartbreaking it is to take the time to use a “proven method,” only to not have it work, to feel like you’ve come up short.

And then more self-judgment.

The good news: This guided meditation isn’t a “proven method.”

If it doesn’t help, I’d love to know, so that I can create a better one.

But you taking that risk? It’s your heart’s vote for a different way of living.

And that’s big. Sometimes, it even begins to turn the tide.

In the meantime, I care so deeply about your struggle, and I’m sending you love.

Click “play” above to get started

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