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SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost to provide a direct way to engage the wisdom of the soul. A fun and meaningful way to explore our inner worlds, SoulCollage® relies on the intuition inherent in our creativity – whether we’re aware of its existence or not!

Don’t just take an art class– take a soul-discovery art adventure!

This carefully guided expressive art practice does not require any artistic talent, but you may be surprised by the artwork that emerges from your soul! People often come to SoulCollage® feeling very hesitant and skeptical about whether they even have an “inner artist,” only to tell me at the end that they “have fallen in love” with their artwork!

The integrative beauty of SoulCollage® is that it creates an opportunity for the rational, logical, language-oriented left side of the brain to communicate with the creative, intuitive, image-oriented right side of the brain.

From a Depth Psychology perspective, when we craft SoulCollage® cards we tap into creative wisdom from our unconscious souls and connect to the powerful intuition of our bodies. When we “read” the cards, that wisdom is reflected back to us as conscious insight. We come away feeling guided, grounded, refreshed!

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