Gathering Bits of SpiritAt the union of body and psyche, there is a deep Well.

Creativity, inspiration, and precious gut-knowing all do exuberant backstrokes in its waters.

This Well nourishes the roots of our existence and sends thriving green tendrils unfurling into our daily lives.

And every unexpected once in a while, the Well takes our breath away with a swell of love so staggering, or a yield of wisdom so jaw-dropping, that a single moment informs the course of our lives.

We know when we have lost daily access to this Well.  Our lives grow smaller.  Mundane stress absorbs our energy.

Love and joy become rare birds in the wilderness.

Sacred Space

But you know this Well.  You’ve tasted from it when your imagination flamed out in inspiration. You’ve known this Well when the ageless rhythm of wind and trees and tide dropped your own heart-rhythm down into agelessness.

Those are the moments that expand us, that set us laughing at the stress and worry that minutes before owned us.

You know this Well, though it might seem like a distant memory, a dream.

I call this well Soul.

And this is what Devotion is all about:  To take your hand with gentle love, and to stroll side-by-side with you back to the Well.

To give you the space, the time and the simple tools to once again draw up the water from within.  To savor a long, cool draught.  To end the drought.  To let the water work its way down deep into your heart, your gut, your dancing atoms.

How do we cultivate access to the Well?  How do we work its water into the ground of our being?  Through Devotion— a devotion to Soul.

The Course

Devotion is a ten day course that fosters awareness and responsiveness to your heart’s deep core— the soul. The course begins with collage-making according to the practice of SoulCollage, and after that each day requires only a few minutes of your time to return to your collages through a guided practice.  Our course’s Flickr community offers added support and empowerment to attune to the gifts that soul wants to give you!

SoulCollage: The Practice of Devotion

Words are the language of the mind, but Image is the language of the soul.  SoulCollage is for everyone—the artistic, and the art-phobic.  It’s foolproof!

Read my smiling lips, F-O-O-L-P-R-O-O-F!

If you can cut or tear out images from magazines, or print pictures from your computer, you are a SoulCollager in the making.  If you can paste said images onto a piece of cardstock (the cardstock will be mailed to you), you are a bona fide maker of SoulCollage cards.

It is that simple!

Lest you begin worrying about whether your SoulCollage cards will be good enough, let me hasten to say, Yes.  They will not only be good enough; they will bear water from the Well to you.  I guarantee it.

Because SoulCollage is (blessedly) not about the artistic quality of the collages you make.  It is about allowing your soul, your intuition, to pick images which (senselessly) speak to you.  And putting those images on cards, the way the images seem to want to be arranged (there is no “correct” way).  And then reading the cards, through LITERALLY the easiest (well-guided) process on earth.

And it’s in the Readings.  That’s where the magic happens—where devotion to soul begets soul’s devotion to you.  This is when the water makes its swinging ascent to your heart.

And soothes away the stress.  Holds out guidance from within.  Washes away the pain that forms from creaking dryly through life.  Ignites your imagination.  Your readings will be your Soul-salve. 

And I can’t wait to take you there!

How the course works


The first day of the course will be our SoulCollage card making day.  Everyone gets to create their cards at home, with my brief how-to video and online support.  All you need to do is block off a few hours at home to create your cards.

That’s right, the card making commitment for this course is a one-time deal!  After that, we will be all about the wonderful, soulful Readings.  Of course, you are welcome to continue to make cards throughout the course (in fact, some of your Readings may inspire more cards!).

Why not make it a party?  Invite some soulful pals to join you and enjoy creating in the warm glow of friendship.


When you are done making your cards, you get to do your first reading, guided by my short how-to video.  You’ll be able to immediately grab your journal and get started!

Each day for the remainder of the course, you will receive an email prompt in the wee sma’s of the morning to use in your reading that day.  Do your reading any time that suits you.  Jot down your reading in your journal and then head to our course’s Flickr group to share.


Each day, post a simple photograph of the SoulCollage card you read in our Flickr group (or a scanned image, if you want to be fancy), and type in whatever portion of your reading you want to share.

Scroll through others’ readings and comment when you are touched.  Our Flickr group is going to be a wellspring of inspiration, expression and soul-nourishment!

Let the soul-salve flow!

What you will need

  • A computer with access to the internet
  • A journal for readings
  • Paste
  • Magazines & Scissors (scissors optional—you can also tear images)  -or-  A printer to print images from your computer

What you will receive

  • A pack of twelve 5”x8” pieces of cardstock in the mail, on which to create your collages.  This pack retails for $7.95 and is included in the course fee at no additional cost. 
  • Two bite-sized instructional videos, one for making cards and the other for reading them.
  • Daily email prompts to guide your readings.
  • Access to the course’s private Flickr group for daily posting of cards and readings, plus lots of support, questions answered, and soulful community.

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