Few things are more exciting than embarking on a quest for the life that calls you! SoulFull Coaching is just what it sounds like — mentoring that deepens the life of your soul and grounds the rest of your life into that resonant center.

When we live in accord with the wisdom of the soul, we feel deeply guided and held. We are able to make decisions in accord with our own nature, and with larger Nature around us. When we approach stubborn, stuck places from the soul, we find an unexpected path through, or we find that a different path beckons.

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I am a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, trained by Seena Frost, founder of SoulCollage®. I have also participated in advanced training in Dream Tending, led by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, founder of Dream Tending. My approach to working with the wisdom of the body emerges from these two traditions, as well as from the field of medical research on Mindfulness practices.

My coaching work relies on these approaches, and we will discuss together which one (or ones!) you are most drawn to.

Dream Work

While it can be useful to observe the associations we have to our dreams and to interpret them intellectually, stopping there means missing out on the true gold that dreams yield.

The figures that appear in our dreams are living metaphors, surfacing into our awareness from the unconscious soul. They deliver deep wisdom, beckon us to lost or neglected parts of ourselves, and guide us to wholehearted existence.

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Expressive Arts

SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost to provide a direct way to engage the wisdom of the soul. A fun and meaningful way to explore our inner worlds, SoulCollage® relies on the intuition inherent in our creativity – whether we’re aware of its existence or not!

This carefully guided expressive art practice does not require any artistic talent, but you may be surprised by the artwork that emerges from your soul.

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Body Wisdom

Most, if not all, of us, have experienced a disconnection from the body. Our culture bombards us with unrealistic standards of beauty that cause us to turn on our own bodies, evaluating ourselves from the outside in.

The strain that chronic pain or illness creates can also put us at odds with the body. Our emotions become more likely to snap to the surface, and often our relationships struggle.

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What’s the difference between psychotherapy and coaching?

Psychotherapy and coaching are both capable of nurturing transformation. The primary distinction is that coaching is, in essence, a mentoring process, whereas psychotherapy is, at its core, a healing process…

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If you have any questions or would like to set up a free 10 – 30 minute phone consultation to explore whether we might be a good fit, please don’t hesitate to contact me.